Flag of Yemen


The Republic of Yemen is a Middle Eastern country located on the Arabian Peninsula in Southwest Asia, bordered by Saudi Arabia to the north, Oman to the northeast, the Arabian Sea and Gulf of Aden to the south and the Red Sea to the west. Comprising of the former North and South Yemen, its territory includes over 200 islands, the largest of which is Socotra, about 350 km (217 mi) to the south, off the coast of East Africa.

Although the country is rapidly modernising, you'll find plenty of old-style Arabia - from spicy souqs to presumptuous palaces - wherever you travel. The country is covered in ancient skyscrapers - eight-storey buildings made from stone and mud - where people live on top of their animals and the views are spectacular. You'll also see mind-blowing mosques, sultans' palaces and villages perched on top of remote mountains.

Map of Yemen