Flag of Romania


Romania (România) is a country located between Central and Eastern Europe. It has a Black Sea coast to the east, and is surrounded by Bulgaria to the south, Serbia and Montenegro to the southwest, Hungary to the northwest, Moldova to the northeast and Ukraine in both the north and the east.

While its southern regions are usually seen as part of Southeastern Europe (Balkans), Transylvania, its largest region, is in Central Europe. Despite being regarded as a relatively backward tourist destination in the 1990s, it has recently begun to reinvent itself as a must-see on the European tourist itinerary, due to the fact that it is so diverse and unique.

In just one country, a tourist can see stunning mountain scenery, historical cultural sites (such as the painted monasteries), beach resorts, and medieval towns. The country is also enjoying its highest living standard since Communist times, with foreign investment on the rise and the economy one of the fastest growing in Europe. This has given way to a series of technological developments. Therefore, we can see a fast-changing, booming Romania, and you will be amazed at how civilised, advanced, clean and of quality it is. Of course, along the way, you will be met with experiences that you are sure to remember for a long, long time.

Map of Romania