Flag of Norway


The Kingdom of Norway is a Nordic country on the western portion of the Scandinavian Peninsula, located in Europe, bounded to the north by the Arctic Ocean; to the east by Sweden, Finland and Russia; to the west by the North Sea and Norwegian Sea; and to the south by the Skagerrak. The Norwegian kingdom also includes the dependencies of Svalbard and Jan Mayen (Arctic) and Bouvet Island, Peter I Island, and Queen Maud Land (Antarctica).

It is thought that the country's name means 'the northward route' or 'the way north' (nor veg in Old Norse).

In Norway, unblemished scenery, dramatic fjordlands and rustic fishing villages characterise the countryside, but it can also lay claim to a strong cultural and historical heritage, too. Discover the pretty capital of Oslo, characterised by wonderfully spacious, elegant streets, stunning 19th-century buildings, palaces and art galleries, such as the Munch Museum, dedicated to Norway's most famous artist. But for picture-perfect vistas of another kind, travel through the Norwegian countryside for a taste of Europe at its most unspoilt - from the stunning Sognefjord to the icy beginnings of the Arctic Circle, illuminated by the Northern Lights, Norway's natural gifts are manifold.

Map of Norway