Flag of Netherlands


The Netherlands is a maritime kingdom located in northwestern Europe, bounded to the west and north by the North Sea; to the east by Germany; and to the south by Belgium.

The country is commonly and incorrectly referred to by the name Holland; however, Holland actually only refers to a region in the west of the country, which has long been the most economically powerful part of the country. The prominence of this region led to the whole country often being referred to as Holland all over the world.

The Netherlands are perfectly suited to a short break - it's just a short flight, ferry ride, or eurostar journey away. Travel with your car by ferry to experience the bulb fields outside Amsterdam.

Whereas its neighbouring city Bruges is subdued, Amsterdam is a little more riotous but no less pretty and characteristic. Like Bruges, it's a city characterised by a network of canals and a strong historical and cultural heritage - it's full of museums, galleries and churches. But Amsterdam has something of a more mischievous air about it, visible in its notorious nightlife and legendary café culture. Great fun and widely regarded as one Europe's most friendly cities, Amsterdam has a spirit all of its very own.

Map of the Netherlands