Flag of Lebanon


Lebanon (formally the Lebanese Republic), is a small, largely mountainous country in the Middle East, bordered by Syria to the north and east, Israel to the south, and the Mediterranean Sea to the west. The name 'Lebanon' is thought to derive from the Semitic word for 'milk' or 'white', which is regarded as reference to the snow-capped Mount Lebanon.

Lebanon packs a lot into its modest borders: ancient cities, Roman ruins, luxurious ski resorts, bucolic charm and Islamic architecture. Culturally, too, Lebanon is rich, with a religious and social diversity that has sometimes led to trouble.

Once renowned for its beauties, Lebanon fell off the tourist map when it disintegrated into civil war in 1975. It is now slowly recovering its infrastructure. If you're interested in the history of the region and want to see how Lebanon is striving to rebuild itself, now is a good time to visit.

The handful of foreign visitors now finding their way to Lebanon are mostly well-heeled package tourists. Independent travellers are a bit of a rarity, but are made to feel welcome. The Lebanese are genuinely hospitable towards strangers and are not shy of inviting travellers into their homes.

Map of Lebanon