Flag of Hungary


The Republic of Hungary (Magyarország) is a landlocked country in Central Europe, bounded to the north by Slovakia; to the east by the Ukraine and Romania; to the south by Serbia; to the south-west by Croatia; and to the west by Slovenia and Austria.

The country offers many diverse destinations: relatively low mountains in the north-west, the Great Plain in the east, lakes and rivers of all sorts, and many beautiful small villages and hidden gems of cities. Top this off with Hungary's great accessibility in the middle of Europe, a vibrant culture and economy, and you get a destination absolutely not worth missing if you're in the region.

The capital city of Bupapest is actually 2 distinct cities united by convenience but still separated by both the River Danube and very distinct styles. The rolling hills of Buda contrast sharply with the grid-like layout of Pest and offer a Viennese-style aura at around half the price.

Map of Hungary