Flag of Guyana


The Co-operative Republic of Guyana is located on the north coast of South America and is bordered to the east by Suriname, to the south and southwest by Brazil, to the west by Venezuela, and to the north by the Atlantic Ocean. It is the third smallest country on the mainland of South America (slightly smaller than Great Britain) and is the only South American country whose official language is English.

Guyana is an Amerindian word meaning "Land of many waters", and the country can indeed be characterised by its vast rain forests dissected by numerous rivers, creeks and waterfalls. Guyana's tepuis are famous for being the inspiration for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's 1912 novel The Lost World.

Though geographically part of South America, culturally Guyana is Caribbean rather than Latin American and it is considered part of the West Indies. The country enjoys a friendly, multicultural society; floral and faunal biodiversity; prize-winning rum; British Colonial architecture and Demerara sugar. The country's natural attractions are particularly are impressive, unspoiled and on a scale that dwarfs human endeavour.

Map of Guyana