Flag of Guinea-Bissau


The Republic of Guinea-Bissau is located in West Africa and is bounded by Senegal to the north, the Republic of Guinea to the south and east, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. One of the smallest nations in continental Africa, it encompasses the adjacent Bijagós Islands and the island of Bolama.

Formerly the Portuguese colony of Portuguese Guinea, upon independence, the name of its capital, Bissau, was added to the country's official name in order to prevent confusion between itself and its neighbour, the Republic of Guinea.

The country rises from a coastal plain broken up by numerous inlets through a transitional plateau to mountains on the border with Guinea. Thick forest and mangrove swamp cover the area nearest the Atlantic Ocean and savannah covers the inland areas. The capital, Bissau, is a relaxed and pleasant town of about 100,000 inhabitants. The Museum of African Artefacts is a treasure trove of traditional sculpture, pottery, weaving and basketware. Bolama, the original capital of Guinea-Bissau, is now an attractive ruin, and the island has some excellent beaches. Local specialities include jollof rice, chicken and fish dishes.

Map of Guinea-Bissau