Best Times to Visit


The climate in Vietnam varies greatly from north to south. It is almost totally dry throughout the year, apart from the monsoon season, which occur from September to January in the centre of the country, and the May to October in the north and south.

Visitors are advised to bring loose, natural fabric clothing, with waterproofs during the monsoon season. Warmer clothing is necessary in the highlands, and in north Vietnam during the winter.

For a more detailed look at the Vietnamese weather, see Climate in Vietnam.


Most regions tend to have their own traditional festivals involving music, dance and opera. Tet Nguyen Dan is the Lunar New Year celebrated nationwide in January/February with offerings to the ancestors. The Children's Moon Festival (Tet-Trung-Thu) on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month celebrates and promotes education, culture, music, sports and arts and crafts. Celebrations begin at noon and end at midnight with processions, displays, performances and delicacies on offer.

Public Holidays

The following table shows the public holidays celebrated in Vietnam:

Date Holiday
1 January New Year's Day
January/February (variable) Têt (Lunar New Year) - 3 days
30 April Liberation Day
1 May Labour Day
2 September National Day