Best Times to Visit


The weather in Thailand is generally hot, especially between March and May. The monsoon season runs from June to October, when the climate is still hot and humid, but with torrential rains. The best time to visit is during the cool season (November to February), although the southern islands are usually best from June to September.

More information about the Thai weather may be found in Climate in Thailand.


There are countless festivals in Thailand, some with deep religious significance, others national or local affairs. The Chiang Mai Flower Festival sees the northern city decked in flowers, as floral sculptures are paraded through the streets. Perhaps the most exuberant of the national festivals is Thai New Year, Songkhran, in April - a great excuse for a national water fight. There are also parades and beauty contests. Kanchanaburi holds the River Kwai Bridge festival in November/December at the bridge made famous by Japanese wartime atrocities. Held over ten nights, dramatic lightshows recount its powerful tale.

Public Holidays

The following table shows the public holidays celebrated in Thailand:

Date Holiday
1 January New Year's Day
February/March (variable) Magha Bucha Day
6 April Chakri Day
13-15 April Songkran (Thai New Year)
May/June (variable) Visakha Bucha (Buddha's Birthday)
1 May Labour Day
5 May Coronation Day
July/August (variable) Khao Phansa Day (Buddhist Lent)
1 July Mid Year Bank Holiday
12 August HM The Queen's Birthday
23 October Chulalongkorn Day
5 December HM The King's Birthday
10 December Constitution Day
31 December New Year's Eve