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Local Media

There are no English-language papers, and no daily papers. However, there are over 200 newspapers available; some of them are government-owned, whilst others are linked to political parties and movements. These include:

  • Golos Tajikistana (Russian-language weekly, published by the Communist Party)
  • Jumhuriyat (published in Tajik three times a week - government-owned)
  • Khalq Ovozi (published in Uzbek three times a week - government-owned)
  • Minbar-i Khalq (published by People's Democratic Party)
  • Najot (published weekly by Islamic Rebirth Party)
  • Narodnaya Gazeta (published in Russian three times a week- government-owned)
  • Neru-i Sukhan (privately-owned, published weekly)
  • Nido-i Ranjbar (Tajik-language weekly, published by the Communist Party)
  • Tojikiston (Tajik-language paper published weekly)

The state operates a number of television networks, such as Tajik TV, Khatlon TV (regional station in the south) and Soghd TV (regional station in the north). The state also runs two national radio networks (Tajik Radio), a local radio service in the capital (Radio Sado-i Dushanbe) and an external service (Radio Tajikistan). A few private radio stations operate alongside state-run radio, including Radio Tiroz (in Khujand), Radio Vatan (in Dushanbe) and the country's first private radio station, Asia-Plus (Dushanbe), which was launched in 2002.

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