Food & Drink

There is some excellent local produce in South Africa, including meat, fruit and wine. The long coastline produces fresh, cheap seafood. Excellent red and white wines are produced, as are sherries, brandies and unusual liqueurs.

Typical South African dishes include:

  • Biltong (salty, dried meat).
  • Bobotie (a curried mince dish, somewhat like a meatloaf with raisins and with baked egg on top. It is served with yellow rice, sambals, coconut, banana slices and chutney).
  • Boerewors (a sausage that is traditionally braaied (barbequed)).
  • Bredies (meat, tomato and vegetable stews).
  • Bunny chow (curry stuffed into a hollowed-out loaf of bread).
  • Chutney (a sweet sauce made from fruit that is usually poured on meat).
  • Frikkadelle (meatballs).
  • Gesmoorde vis (salted cod with potatoes and tomatoes and sometimes served with apricot jam).
  • Hoenderpastei (chicken pie - traditional Afrikaans fare).
  • Koeksisters (come in two forms: Afrikaans koeksisters are twisted pastries, deep fried and heavily sweetened; whilst Koeksisters found on the Cape Flats are sweet and spicy, shaped like large eggs, and deep-fried).
  • Malva Pudding (a sweet spongy Apricot pudding of Dutch origin).
  • Mashonzha (made from the mopane worm).
  • Melktert (a milk-based tart or dessert).
  • Melkkos (another milk-based dessert).
  • Mealie-bread (a sweet bread baked with sweetcorn).
  • Mielie-meal (one of the staple foods, often used in baking but predominantly cooked into pap, or phutu, a traditional Bantu porridge which is usually eaten with beans, gravy, or meat)
  • Ostrich (often made into a stew or filleted and grilled).
  • Pampoenkoekies (pumpkin fritters).
  • Patatrolle (sweet potato rolls).
  • Potbrood (pot bread - savoury bread baked over coals in cast-iron pots).
  • Poetoepap (or stywepap) (made with white maize meal and served with meat).
  • Potjiekos (a traditional African stew made with meat and vegetables and cooked over coals in cast-iron pots).
  • Rusks (a rectangular, hard, dry biscuit eaten after being dunked in tea or coffee).
  • Samosa (a savoury stuffed Indian pastry that is fried).
  • Sosaties (grilled marinated meat on a skewer).
  • Tomato bredie (lamb and tomato stew).
  • Trotters and beans ( made from boiled pig's or sheep's trotters, onions and beans).
  • Umngqusho (made from semolina and black-eyed peas).
  • Vetkoek (fat cake - deep-fried dough balls, typically stuffed with meat or served with jam).
  • Waterblommetjie bredie (water flower stew - meat stewed with the flower of the Cape Pondweed).

More information about the cuisine available in South Africa may be found in the South African Culture section.