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Nairobi isn't referred to as 'Nairobbery' for nothing. The areas around River Road and Uhuru Park are particularly notorious for muggings, day or night, as are the beaches near Mombasa.

Do not carry credit cards or cash cards unless you must: people have been forced by thieves to withdraw cash. Do not carry valuables or wear jewellery in public places. Beware of thieves posing as police officers; always ask to see identification.

You should avoid travelling at night outside Nairobi and remain vigilant at all times, particularly on the roads that link the city centre to residential areas. Avoid stopping at the side of the road and drive defensively, with vehicle doors locked and windows closed at all times.

Travel between Isiolo in Kenya and Ethiopia needs to be done in convoy, with an armed escort, due to the threat of banditry. There are also bandits operating near Lamu and in Kenya's northwest and northeast. Ask for advice locally.