The Eternal City is home to a truly breathtaking array of historic treasures as well as the religious grandeur of the Vatican City. But Rome is also about verve and vibrancy - this city gave the world the uniquely Italian sense of fun and style captured in the phrase La Dolce Vita - the good life - which you'll encounter all over the city. All visitors gravitate firstly to the immense Colosseum, and rightly so - nearly 2000 years old, it's an awe-inspiring sight. Ancient history also comes to life amongst the Roman remains of the Forum and the Pantheon, a beautiful domed temple that is the most complete Roman structure in the city. Other must-sees include the sights of the Vatican City - St Peter's and the Sistine Chapel - and the iconic Trevi Fountain where tradition dictates that you must throw a penny into the fountain to ensure a return trip to the city.

The unique Roman atmosphere seeps from every piazza and outdoor café. Make time to sit on the Spanish Steps and absorb Roman life at its best - sophisticated women drinking coffee, cool kids flitting about on scooters and old gents enjoying a lively debate in true Italian style. Come evening, cross the river to Trastevere, home in many ways to the real Roman experience - it's a pretty area of narrow streets, cobbled squares and plenty of typical Italian trattorie.