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Local Media

Athens News, Athens Daily Post are printed in English, and the Kathimerini has English-language pages. Local-language papers include Eleftherotypia and Ta Nea.

The public television broadcaster, ERT, operates entertainment-based ET1, NET, along with regional and cultural channel ET3. Commercial TV stations include ANT1, Alpha TV and Mega TV.

ERA, the public radio broadcaster, operates main network ERA1, entertainment station ERA2, cultural station ERA3, sport and music station ERA4, regional services, and the external service, Voice of Greece. There are also numerous commercial radio stations such as Antenna FM, Athena 98,4, Skai 100.3 and Sfera 102.2.

Tourist Boards in UK

Greek National Tourism Organisation, 4 Conduit Street, London W1S 2DJ, tel (020) 7495 9300, fax (020) 7287 1369.