Getting There & Getting About

International Airports

Internal Transport

There are daily ferry services to Tadjoura and Obock from Djibouti, with each journey taking about 3 hours. The only rail service runs to the Ethiopian border; however, due to the volatile security situation in Ethiopia, visitors are advised against using this.

Car hire is available at the airport and in Djibouti, and although there is a new highway from Djibouti to Tadjoura, four-wheel-drive vehicles are recommended for the interior.

A minibus service operates in Djibouti, stopping on demand. Buses also operate from Djibouti to most towns and villages throughout the country, leaving when they are full. Taxis are available from the airport, and in Djibouti, Dikhil, Arta, Ali-Sabieh and Dorale. Fares increase after dark.