Must See


Although there aren't too many sights of historic interest in the DRC's capital, the ethological and prehistoric museums at Kinshasa University are both well worth a look. Nearby, there is a pretty corner of equatorial forest surrounding a beautiful lake called Ma Vallee, with a tavern on its banks. Other attractions include the Gardens of the Presidential Farm of Nsele, which has pools that may be enjoyed by swimmers and anglers, the National Museum, which includes some unique pieces of national art, and the fish market in Kinkole.

Upemmba National Park

Straddling the River Lualaba, this lush national park northeast of Bukama has several lakes, inhabited by crocodiles, hippos and aquatic bird species, which live alongside local fishermen, peasants and cattle farmers.

Garamba National Park

This large reserve in the north of the country is home to lions, elephants, giraffes, rhinos and leopards. However, civil war and poaching has led the park to be listed by UNESCO as 'World Heritage in Danger'.


In the DRC's southwest are the Inkisi Falls (60 m high) at Zongo. Travellers may stay in the pleasant resort of Mbanza-Ngungu, where they may also visit the nearby caves, known for their blind, colourless fish.


This small, pretty town in the north east of the country has a number of pleasant villas, restaurants and hotels. From here, visitors can make the short journey to the region's mountains and forests, as well as Lake Albert, which contains more fish than any other lake in Africa.

Congo River

The country's defining geographic feature, this mighty waterway is the real highway of central Africa. Tourists can board a barge in Kinshasa and travel inland to Kisangani to experience the buzz of life on the water.

Rwenzori Mountains

This scenic mountain range is located on the border of DRC and Uganda. Its highest peak is Mount Stanley at 5,109 metres tall. The mountains are known for their vegetation, ranging from tropical rainforest through alpine meadows to snow; and for their animal population, including forest elephants, the rare okapi, several primate species (including mountain gorillas) and many endemic birds.