Getting There & Getting About

International Airports

Internal Transport

Please note that there are indefinite restrictions for tourist travel, and overland journeys by local public transport, hitch-hiking or by foreign vehicle are forbidden.

There are over 40 internal airports and 150 landing strips in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and small planes maybe available for charter.

Due to poor maintenance, the roads are amongst the worst in Africa, and travellers would be wise to check that bridges are safe before crossing. It is also important to note that hijackings and vehicle thefts at gunpoint do occur. Limited car hire is available at the airport.

Bus services run between the main towns but are crowded and unreliable, as can the conventional bus services in Kinshasa. Converted truck-buses (known as fula fulas) and minibuses also offer public transport in Kinshasa, and shared taxis are widely available. There is little or no public transport in most other towns.

The main railway line runs from Kinshasa to the port of Matadi, and from Lubumbashi to Ilébo, with a branch to Kalemie and Kindu. Although there is no air conditioning, but there are dining cars and couchettes on the principal trains. Most services are subject to disruption.

Over 1,600km of the Congo River is navigable and, in normal circumstances, there are services from Kinshasa to the upriver ports of Ilébo and Kisangani. However, due to fuel shortages and political instability, services at the moment are unreliable.