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Brazil is almost entirely tropical; the Equator passes through the northern region, and the Tropic of Capricorn through the south-eastern. The Amazon basin has tropical temperatures and high humidity throughout the year, and the coastal lands also have a hot tropical climate. However, the southern states lie outside the tropics, and have a seasonal, temperate climate. Rainy seasons occur from January-April in the north, April-July in the north-east and from November to March in the Rio/Sao Paulo area. (More information about the Brazilian weather may be found in Climate in Brazil).

Visitors are advised to bring lightweight natural fabrics, with warm clothing for winters in the south (June to July). Waterproofs are needed for the rainy season, and visits to the Amazon region wil require specialist clothing.


Carnaval takes place through-out the country, but it is Rio that can lay claim to having the wildest, largest, and simply the best party in the world. It takes place over four days, from Friday afternoon until Ash Wednesday. A small, intimate, fete is held in Olinda for those wanting to escape Rio at this time. Bahia hosts another Carnival just after Christmas.

A three day celebration of dances and medieval tournaments is held in Cavalhadas, locals re-enact Christ's removal from the cross during Easter Week in Gorias Velho. For an unforgettable New Year's Eve party head to Rio's Copacabana beach.

Public Holidays

The following table shows the public holidays celebrated in Brazil:

Date Holiday
1 January New Year's Day
20 January Founding of Rio de Janeiro (regional only)
25 January Founding of São Paulo (regional only)
February/March (variable) Carnival
March/April (variable) Good Friday
March/April (variable) Easter Day
21 April Tiradentes
May/June (variable) Corpus Christi
1 May Labour Day
7 September Independence Day
12 October Our Lady Aparecida, Patron St of Brazil
2 November All Souls' Day
15 November Republic Day
24 December Christmas Eve
25 December Christmas Day
31 December New Year's Eve