Getting There & Getting About

International Airports

Internal Transport

There is a small domestic airport in Yerevan, which offers some internal flights to other cities in Armenia.

Daily trains run from Yerevan to most major towns, although these can be somewhat overcrowded and poorly maintained.

Armenia's roads are generally in poor condition and local drivers have a tendency to ignore signals and traffic regulations. There are plenty of car hire companies operating, including international firms. Visiting drivers should be aware however that supplies of petrol, diesel and oil are limited, and that particular care needs be taken to avoid children and animals on the road.

Coaches run between the major centres of population and there are also marshrutni (city minivans) operating on 100 different routes.

In the capital, Yerevan, there is a small underground system, as well as trolleybuses and buses. Taxis are available in the city centre or can be ordered by telephone. Fares should always be agreed upon before starting the journey; however, it's worth knowing that initial quoted rates are likely to be unreasonably high. Try to find out the 'going rate' per kilometre of travel from a reputable source before entering into any negotiation.