Best Times to Visit


The weather in Armenia is hot and dry in the summer (June to September), with temperatures falling sharply at night, and cold in the winter, with heavy snow. Good times to visit the country are January and February (for skiing), and in either May to June or September to October for warm and mild conditions.

More information about the Armenian weather may be found in Climate in Armenia.


Concerts, recitals and traditional dance and music performances are held year-round, often on large outdoor stages. The town of Hrazdan hosts an annual autumn festival in October, called Voski Ashun, with concerts, traditional dancing and music. The biggest holiday of the year is New Year, when people exchange gifts and houses are opened to walk-in guests. The Armenian Orthodox Church celebrates Christmas on 6 January. On 9 May, the heroes of World War II are revered for their sacrifices. Small children give them flowers and a kiss, while older children offer shots of vodka and konyak.

Public Holidays

The following table shows the public holidays celebrated in Armenia:

Date Holiday
1-2 January New Year
6 January Armenian Orthodox Christmas
March/April (variable) Good Friday
8 March Women's Day
7 April Motherhood and Beauty Day
24 April Genocide Memorial Day
9 May Victory and Peace Day
28 May First Republic Day
5 July Constitution Day
21 September Independence Day
7 December Earthquake Memorial Day
31 December New Year's Eve