Flag of Republic of Congo

Republic of the Congo (Congo-Brazaville)

The Republic of the Congo (also known as ROC, Congo-Brazzaville and Congo), is a western-central country bordered by Gabon to the west, Cameroon to the northwest, Central African Republic to the northeast and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the east and south. It has a short stretch of coastline in the south west onto the Gulf of Guinea.

Vast areas of the country are swamps, grassland or thick forests with rivers, with the vast River Congo drawing much of its water from swamp lands in the north. The narrow sandy coastal plain is broken by lagoons behind which rise the Mayombe Mountains. The capital, Brazzaville, lies on the west side of Malebo Pool on the River Congo. Sights include the beautiful Basilique Sainte Anne, the Temple Mosque and the Municipal Gardens. To the south of Brazzaville are the Congo Rapids and the Loufoulakari Falls. The main coastal town is Pointe-Noire, which has a lively evening market, and there are good beaches close by in the Côte Sauvage region. Some restaurants specialise in African dishes such as piri piri chicken and Mouambe chicken in palm oil. Local musicians are popular in the main towns, and Brazzaville and Pointe-Noire have several nightclubs.

The former French colony of Middle Congo, the country gained independence in 1960 to become the Republic of the Congo.

Map of Republic of the Congo