Flag of Cyprus


The Republic of Cyprus is an island nation in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea south of the Anatolian peninsula (Asia Minor) or modern-day Turkey. A former British colony, it gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1960 and became a Commonwealth republic in 1961. The north of the island is home to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC); however, the international community (with the exception of Turkey), does not recognise the TRNC as a sovereign state, but recognises the de jure sovereignty of the Republic of Cyprus over the whole island.

A glinting jewel in the azure waters of the Med, the island of Cyprus has cast its spell over visitors since time immemorial. It's no surprise when you consider the abundance of natural beauty that has been bestowed on it.

Cyprus boasts a year-round mild climate, fabulous beaches, rambling vineyards, vibrant nightlife and tranquil coves overlooked by whitewashed churches. Paphos on the western coast is a more subdued alternative to some of the livelier resorts in Cyprus, and boasts some spectacular beaches. Ayia Napa, meanwhile, has carved out a reputation for nightlife to rival that of Ibiza and is popular with a younger, fun-loving crowd. Travel inland, and you'll encounter rustic villages unchanged for centuries, fragrant orange groves and spectacular mountains. There are also plenty of sporting opportunities to be had, from windsurfing and diving to golfing and hiking.

Map of Cyprus