Flag of Bulgaria


The Republic of Bulgaria is a country in the east of the Balkan Peninsula, south-eastern Europe, bounded to the north by Romania (mostly along the Danube); to the east by the Black Sea; to the south-east by Turkey; to the south by Greece; to the southwest by Macedonia and to the west by Serbia. Being located close to the Turkish Straits means the key land routes from Europe to Middle East and Asia pass through Bulgaria aiding its prosperity in the region and subsequent growth.

Geographically and climatically, Bulgaria is noted for its diversity, with the landscape ranging from the Alpine snow-capped peaks in Rila, Pirin and the Balkan Mountains to the mild and sunny weather of the Black Sea coast, from the typically continental Danubian Plain (ancient Moesia) in the north to the strong Mediterranean influence in the valleys of Macedonia and the lowlands in the southernmost parts of Thrace.

Map of Bulgaria