Flag of Bahamas


There are over 700 islands in The Bahamas, lying southeastward from the coast of Florida; many of them have escaped the notice of tourists. The islands offer clear warm water and sandy beaches. All the larger islands offer a high standard of accommodation and leisure facilities. Sunbathing, diving, fishing and boating are the main daytime amusements.

The capital of The Bahamas, Nassau, stands on New Providence Island. In the capital, tourists can shop in the bustling 'straw market', where local vendors create unique straw goods on the spot. The Water Tower is the highest point on the island, 85m (216ft) above sea level. A lift takes visitors to an observation deck for panoramic views.

Freeport, the second city located on Grand Bahama, is excellent for golf and diving.

Long Island: This island certainly lives up to its name, being almost 100km (60 miles) long but rarely more than 5km (3 miles) wide. The landscape consists of rugged headlands dropping sharply down to the sea, fertile pastureland, rolling hills and sandy beaches washed by surf.

At Conception Island divers can explore over 30 shipwrecks, and tours are arranged from the Stella Maris resort complex at the north end of the island.

Blue Lagoon Island features an exotic lagoon where visitors can enjoy close encounters with friendly bottle-nosed dolphins. Local delicacies include conch, grouper cutlets, baked crab and red snapper fillets in anchovy sauce. Local drinks are rum based and the local liqueur is called Nassau Royal. Beach parties and discotheques are organised regularly by hotels. Live entertainment includes calypso, goombay music and limbo dancing.

Map of the Bahamas