Flag of Austria


The Republic of Austria (German: Republik Österreich, or 'Eastern Empire'), is a landlocked country in Central Europe, bounded to the north by Germany and the Czech Republic; to the northeast by Slovakia; to the southeast by Hungary; to the south by Italy and Slovenia; and to the west by Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

History, architecture and breathtaking alpine scenery are perhaps the three big selling points of Austria. The country also has a reputation for being one of cleanest and most efficiently run places - trains run on time and great care is taken to ensure beautiful natural surroundings are kept just so. Come in winter to enjoy great skiing in resorts such as Zell am See and Innsbruck; return in summer and the snow melts to reveal a carpet of pretty wild flowers. As birthplace of Mozart, Austria's also known for its musical heritage as well as its awe-inspiring alpine scenery.

Vienna, capital of Austria, might be a fully working city, but its grace and elegance have been carefully maintained. And whilst it has all the modern facilities typical of a major capital, there's also something very genteel and tranquil about Vienna, from traditional cafes where coffee and cakes are taken to the strains of Mozart to the quiet, manicured gardens of the Hofburg. The colourful tiled roof of Vienna's cathedral glitters resplendently as people gather to meet and chat under its spires, while the stunning palace of Schönbrunn is the perfect place for a leisurely stroll.

Map of Austria